The OfferDetails type represents loan offer details.

type OfferDetails = {
  collectionOfferLimit: number;
  creator: Address;
  downPaymentAmount: string;
  expiration: number;
  minimumPrincipalPerPeriod: string;
  nftContractAddress: Address;
  nftId: string;
  periodDuration: number;
  periodInterestRateBps: number;
  price: string;

These properties provide comprehensive details about the offer, which can be used for various purposes such as determining the eligibility of the borrower, calculating the terms of the loan, and establishing the details of the collateral.


The number of times this offer can be used to execute a loan on any NFT in a particular collection.


A wagmi Address type representing the Ethereum address of the creator of the offer.


A BigNumber string representing the amount of down payment that the borrower is required to make for the loan.


A number representing the Unix timestamp (in seconds) for the expiration time of the offer.


A string representing the minimum amount of principal that needs to be paid back by the borrower in each loan period.


A wagmi Address type representing the Ethereum address of the contract that manages the NFT.


A string representing the unique identifier of the NFT that is being used as collateral for the loan.


A number representing the duration of each loan period in seconds.


A number representing the interest rate for each loan period, expressed in basis points (bps).


A string representing the price of the NFT that is being sold by the borrower.