Seller Financing

A new protocol enabling easy financing for every NFT

Seller financing for NFTs allows buyers to purchase NFTs on credit, with the seller providing financing and the buyer making installment payments over time.

Whether you’re interacting directly with our contracts, integrating with our API and SDK, or leveraging components from our UI library, setting up Seller Financing and Buy Now Pay Later with NiftyApes is quick and easy. Our docs provide step-by-step guidance for adding Seller Financing to your NFT marketplace or platform, creating effective promotional messaging, and managing your NiftyApes account.

What is NiftyApes?

NiftyApes is infrastructure for buying and selling NFTs with seller financing. Our suite of developers tools makes it easy to include Buy Now Pay Later, Mint Financing, Artist Financing, Increased Buying Power for Traders, and many other use cases into your NFT marketplace or platform.

Our core offerings are our:

  • Seller Financing API - An API where you can post seller financing offers and request offers from all integrated marketplaces, as well as retrieve data from all active loans.
  • Seller Financing SDK - An SDK that enables developers to easily implement and interact with the NiftyApes Seller Financing protocol
  • Seller Financing UI Library - A library of open source, forkable projects and components that showcase the different use cases of the Seller Financing SDK and make it easy to implement and customize the best practices in Seller Financing UX and UI.

What is Seller Financing?

Seller financing is an arrangement in which the seller of an asset, such as an NFT, provides financing to the buyer, allowing them to purchase the asset by making payments over time, usually with interest.

How Does Seller Financing Work?

Below is a simplified flow diagram of the NiftyApes Seller Financing Protocol.

Important additional functionality to note:

  1. Buyers can sell their financed NFTs at any time as long as the proceeds of the sale cover the remaining principal and any interest due on the loan.
  2. Both Buyers and Sellers are minted a seller financing ticket that represent their exposure to the debt obligation or revenue from the debt. These ERC721 tickets can be transferred or sold at any time.

Why Do Users Want Seller Financing?

Sellers can:

  1. Sell more NFTs, for more money, faster.
  2. Generate a regular, monthly income.
  3. Set their own terms that work for them.
  4. Keep all payments and reclaim the NFT if a buyer defaults.
  5. Build a direct connection with their collectors and buyers.

Buyers can:

  1. Collect more NFTs with less money now.
  2. Retain usage and any benefits through Delegate.Cash.
  3. Easily sell at any time and keep any profit.

Why Do Marketplaces Want NiftyApes?

Building an NFT marketplace or platform is hard, and building a financing protocol is even harder. NiftyApes enables you and your users to sell more NFTs, for more money, faster, while making it super easy integrate.

With NiftyApes you get:

  • Paid your marketplace fee in full up front
  • Liquidity and seller financing offers out of the box
  • A robust API with aggregated financing offers from every NiftyApes integration partner
  • An SDK that makes interacting with the NiftyApes Seller Financing protocol super easy.
  • The security and peace of mind of our best-in-industry solidity engineers and audits from some of the best firms in the space.